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Below you will find the three most recent WODs programmed for the Box, or an informative Blog post. The WODs are updated every night by 10pm.

Saturday 10.25.2014

ZUMBA-THON AT TERRAPIN STRENGTH! Normal Classes are Canceled! From 10am to 1pm there will be a non-stop Zumba class! For more details – check here!

Friday 10.24.2014

SWOD: Beginner – Power Clean 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Advanced – Clean 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 WOD: 5 Rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 10 KB Push Press (choose load) Note: The 645am class will only run […]

Thursday 10.23.2014

SWOD: Back Squat 3 RM, 1 x max reps @ 80% of 3 RM Press 5×1 @ 90 – 95% of 1 RM Weighted Chin Ups or BB Bent Row 5RM WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP of: 10 Deadlifts (M=185/F=115#) 10 […]
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